The Best Exotic Cars That Are Being Consigned For A FEW DOLLARS!

We are talking about a very interesting, very valuable, very expensive, very rare, very, very cool looking classic car that you can’t afford to miss.

And this car is called the Bentley Continental GT.

It’s actually a very rare car, and it was just recently sold to a buyer in China.

And I think you’ll be surprised at how much it’s going to go for if you’re looking for a good, high-end car.

You know, one of the big reasons why Bentley was able to sell it for such a bargain price is because it was a special model that they were making for the company that they bought from.

They had the luxury of using a Bentley chassis, and they also had a new engine.

So it was an extremely high-performance car that was made by Bentley.

They were able to make it with a lot of features and performance that they never had before.

They have a big amount of space in the back and it’s got a large trunk and luggage space.

You can put everything in there.

They also have a special interior that was designed to look very modern, very clean.

They actually had a very beautiful, high quality wood paneling that they had that was really unique.

And they also put in a very high-tech cooling system, which is very special, because it’s really cool to have a very, high performance cooling system that’s able to keep this thing cool, but it’s also very efficient.

And it’s actually one of my favorite pieces of work from this auction, actually.

I mean, it’s very rare and it just goes to show you how much attention Bentley has paid to its classic cars.

It just shows how much they care about these cars, and I think this car will really go a long way toward making Bentley one of your favorite car dealers in the country.

But let’s talk about the Bentley, shall we?

It’s got two seats.

One of the seats is removable and the other one is the standard one, but that one is removable.

And if you have the luxury, you can put a glove box up there, too.

It looks like a glovebox, but you can open it up.

So this Bentley has some nice, well, high end features.

It has some high-quality leather that’s super soft.

And the seats are very comfortable.

And you can also add a big, hard seat, which I think is actually the standard option.

And what you can do is take a few photos, but in my opinion, the best part of the car is the big, bright screen that’s right behind the driver’s seat, and you can see the track ahead, and everything.

The car also has a very modern design.

And that’s really something that’s not available on a lot now, which really is the reason why people are paying so much for them.

I think that they should be able to afford them, because they’re actually the perfect cars for Bentley dealers, because you can have a Bentley, and the car has a Bentley’s very high standards and they’re very modern and they are very, really nice.

And for the buyer, it’ll definitely make a big impression.

I’ve always loved Bentley’s cars, even though I’ve never been a Bentley customer.

And when they made this car, I think it was one of their very first cars that they put out for the market, and when they were selling this one, I just couldn’t believe that it was going for $25,000 or $30,000, I mean I thought, oh my God, $25k or $35k.

I’m really happy that they’re able to get it for $10,000.

And because it really is a Bentley and they really have it right there, and this is the best one for the price, I’m just very happy.

If you’re in a hurry, you might want to wait for the sale to close before buying this one.

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