How to save your favourite corner consignments

In the early days of consignment sorting, there was one common denominator: the item.

That was a key ingredient of every consignment.

The only problem was, once the item was sorted, how to retrieve it?

And that was where the consignment consignor came in.

Consignor’s Corner, a site dedicated to consignment and sorting consignations, launched in April this year, and it has already made a major impact.

The site features a number of different categories, including a collection of consignors, a curated collection of items, a ‘crown’ section, and a ‘treasure’ section.

“In the early years of consigning, the consigner was often the one who had to sort and retrieve their items.

Now, with consignment services, consigners can be the ones who get to sort their items and get the treasures back.

We want to create a more efficient, seamless experience for everyone,” said Conor McNamara, co-founder of Consignor.

The site is free to use, and the selection is always changing, so the site is constantly evolving.

Consignors are also asked to submit their own items.

There is also a feature that allows users to select a specific piece of artwork and view it in the consigning shop.

“This site has made a significant impact in bringing consigning back to the forefront, and we would be remiss not to thank the ConsignoShop team for their hard work.

We hope that this site will continue to have an impact in helping us all save time and money,” said McNamara.

Consigno’s Corner is also expanding, with new features including a curated list of items to be sorted, and new ‘treasures’ section that allows the user to pick and choose what they want returned.

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