Savannah furniture consigns consignment of clothing

A Savannah furniture company is putting together a consignment for the newborns of two women who lost their babies during childbirth in a home that was a disaster site.

Savannah Furniture and Allied has put together a collection of donated clothing, baby clothing, crib sheets and other items to make the babies feel at home in the home they’ll soon be leaving behind.

“The consignment is designed to be a safe place for them to come home and not be alone,” said Lisa O’Neill, Savannah Furniture president.

“The baby stuff, we’ll be using it for their baby clothes.

We’re going to be using crib sheets.”

The babies are from a home owned by Michelle Cappellaro and Michael Kasten, both from Savannah.

They had twins who were born at home.

Cappellaros mom, Michael Kasta, died in a fall during a trip to Florida in April.

She was 37.

Kastan died at age 5.

Kasten was born with Down Syndrome.

Savannah Furnace is donating the crib sheets, bedding and other donated items.

The company says it’s offering the babies a place to stay with their mom and grandparents.

“We want to make sure they feel like they belong,” O’Neil said.

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