Stars’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ season finale trailer: “We’ve been through so much”

With its trademark love and loss, “The Big Book of Curvy Consignments” was a major draw for fans of the hit series, which ran for seven seasons and a total of seven episodes.

Now, EW has released a trailer for season eight of the Emmy-nominated comedy that’s been dubbed “the Big Book.”

In the trailer, we see a woman who is trying to sell a vintage dress that she bought at a consignment shop and, as we hear her talking about the dress, she says: “It’s a beautiful dress, it’s perfect for a prom, it fits you, it is beautiful.”

She then shows the woman her “beautiful” dress and says, “It looks good on you, and it fits perfectly.

It’s perfect.”

It’s a big moment for the show, and for us.

It was so hard to get the show to last, so we were so thrilled to see it come back.

We were blown away, especially with how beautiful the show was.

The show was so special to us, and we knew that the series would continue on for the rest of its run, which was a relief.

This is a big show, so the season finale is going to be really good, and really important.

We’re excited for it, and so are you.

The Big Book was released in 2016 and starred Amy Poehler, Joe Manganiello, and Jussie Smollett.

The episode is below, followed by a list of the stars’ outfits.

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