Two consignment items for sale

A couple of items on sale for $919 from the store that’s been in business for five years, the Hooked on Consignment blog. 

The item is a hook-up chair that can be hung from a frame in either of two styles. 

 The design, from a piece by artist Chris Pappas, features a dark red wood frame with a yellow fabric at the bottom, white accents, and a small metal strap. 

The two-color option is also available, but that’s the one I like more. 

(Image via FourFourtwo) The hook-ups also come in two styles: one is a classic, black and red, with the fabric at bottom and straps at the top. 

It’s made of reclaimed wooden from a barn and has a large brass hinge, but there are also buttons, hardware, and metal hardware at the sides. 

“It’s got a lot of charm and it has a lot to offer,” said the store’s owner, Lisa Sowden. 

One of the things I love about it is that it looks like a chair, which is a really cool touch. 

I love that it’s made with reclaimed wood. 

This is the most unusual chair I’ve seen. 

There are metal hardware, which are not cheap, and buttons, but it’s really cool. 

A nice little touch is the strap, which also looks like it was made out of wood, which was a nice touch too. 

Sowden also noted that she’d never been to a hookup chair before, and was excited to see one in person. 

She even had a couple of people stop by her place to see it. 

My favorite thing is that I get to buy it in a big box, which makes it really special. 

On the second floor, the two-story building, built in the 1970s, features some new furniture, too.

(Image by FourFour2) There’s a little sign up on the front door that reads “Hooked on Consignments,” and it’s decorated with a picture of the two owners. 

They’re actually two different people. 

Lisa and John Smith, the owners of the store, say that they’ve been selling consignment furniture for five or six years, and that it wasn’t until their first consignment went up for sale that they started looking into the craft-making side of things. 

We have a lot in common with what they’re doing, said Sowder. 

As the store goes on, they’ll be adding more pieces to their site to show how it all started. 

And the fact that it was handmade made me think about the craftsmanship that goes into making things like this, said Smith. 

For more from Sowson, check out this interview with her.

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