‘We got our hearts ripped out’: New York restaurant chain Cherry’s gets ‘worst consignment store’ award

NY Magazine has named Cherry’s the worst consignment shop in the country, beating out chains like Jamba Juice, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart, among others.

The magazine’s editors ranked the chain based on its “quality of consignment,” including the quality of its packaging and the quality and authenticity of its merchandise.

It was the worst-conceived and most confusing consignment chain to work at, the editors wrote. 

It’s an unfortunate outcome given Cherry’s well-established reputation as a consignment-store purveyor.

The chain is famous for its signature cherry red cups and cherries.

They’re among the best-selling items in its catalog.

The cherry cups, which feature a cherry-shaped shape, can be ordered as a single cup, or layered with cherry cherries to create more of a fruit-and-cream-esque appearance.

The brand also sells products that have the Cherry logo, such as cherry blossom cream and cherry blossom cookies.

But it also sells items that are more traditional and not cherry-based, such the cherry blower and cherry blowers.

The Cherry’s website lists all of the products in its collection, but only one, “Cherry’s Cupcake,” is listed in the list of items available for consignment.

Cherry’s is not listed in its online consignment catalog, so if you search for the brand online, you’ll find it there.

Cherry said in a statement that the “worst-constructed consignment” designation “is a product of an ill-advised and misguided perception of our business.”

It said it takes the award “extremely seriously.”

Cherry says that if it receives an award, it will “do our best to correct our mistakes,” but that it doesn’t have the resources to do so.

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