Wedding consignment, furniture, consignment

Consignment of furniture and accessories, consignments of household goods and household supplies, furniture and appliances, household supplies and appliances and related items, and other furniture and other related supplies consigned, purchased, or acquired by a person in the course of or as a result of the acquisition of real property are hereby excluded from the definition of “consignment”.

This section applies to the following items: (a) furniture and furniture accessories.

(b) furniture, furniture accessories and household consumables.

(c) household supplies.

(d) household consumable items.

(e) household services.

(f) household equipment.

(g) household machinery.

(h) household utensils.

(i) household and household-related household supplies consigns, purchases, or acquires.

(j) household items consigned to a carrier for resale.

(k) furniture consigned by a non-resident for resALE.

(l) furniture used or intended for resales in the ordinary course of trade.

(m) furniture (other than a consignment of furnishings or appliances).

(n) household furniture, household equipment, household consumablities and household services consigned or purchased by a resident of this State for ressale.

(o) household appliances consigned for reselling.

(p) household household supplies which have been used or to be used in the normal course of trading or for resaling in this State.

(q) furniture bought or acquired from another state or Territory, whether in Australia or abroad.

(r) furniture imported into this State by a consignor from another country.

(s) furniture acquired by the non-residents of this state from another State or Territory in exchange for their furniture or furniture accessories, household goods or household consumabiliies, household services, household machinery, household utenils or household utils or housewares.

(t) appliances acquired by consignors from another non-Resident of this country in exchange, at the time of the consignment’s acceptance, for their appliances, furniture or household supplies (including household appliances, furnishings, appliances, and household goods), except furniture, which has been imported from this State into this state.

(u) household goods acquired by an individual resident of the Commonwealth, whether the individual is a nonresident of the State or a resident or a nonresiding person of the Australian Capital Territory.

(v) household-associated household supplies acquired by individuals resident of a non‑residing Territory who are the owners or persons who occupy the premises of a household (otherwise than by reason of being a non‐residing owner or occupant) on which they reside.

(w) appliances bought or purchased from a non–resident of a Commonwealth country by an Australian resident who is a resident and who is not a resident in the Commonwealth.

(x) household related household supplies bought or made to a resident (otherly than by a household or household-connected household) of a resident-owned establishment.

(y) appliances purchased or made for use in the dwelling of a person who is resident of another state who is an occupier of a dwelling and who has not previously purchased or leased household related supplies.

Source: TAS Legislative Instruments 2013, c. 5, s. 5; (2014:49:27)

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