When you can’t find what you’re looking for at Wal-Mart, a company will gladly offer you what you need

This is the latest news from The Atlantic about the online retailer.

The company has been hit with several lawsuits from customers who claim the company treats them like second-class citizens.

The companies lawyers have responded by pointing out that the plaintiffs are wrong. 

The latest lawsuit, filed last month, alleges that the company is treating customers like second class citizens because the store will refuse to let customers buy items with their credit cards. 

A store worker at WalMart’s Sarasota, Florida, store told the court in a deposition that customers with credit cards are not allowed to bring their own cash for checkout.

The worker also said that the store does not allow customers to use their credit card for purchases outside of its stores. 

In a response to the lawsuit, Wal-Marts lawyers responded that they do not believe the store employees claim is true, adding that the employee is a full-time, salaried employee, not a temporary or casual employee. 

According to the complaint, WalMart does not enforce the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which allow workers to take time off to care for their families.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent Wal- Mart from denying or restricting workers from taking time off for medical reasons. 

Walgreens said in a statement to The Atlantic that it takes all of its claims of unfair treatment seriously.

“We do not tolerate discrimination, and we will vigorously defend our employees against these claims,” the statement read. 

 The lawsuit is part of a broader push by Wal- Marts lawyers to challenge the company’s ownership and practices in an effort to limit the number of lawsuits it faces.

Wal-marts CEO Doug McMillon has already come under fire for not providing a fair shake to employees. 

This lawsuit comes at a time when Wal-mart is battling lawsuits from consumers who say it unfairly treats them when they try to shop at the store. 

Wal-Marks customers are demanding that the retailer fix its problems with the way it treats its employees, saying they feel they are treated like second and third class citizens. 

For instance, one Wal- marts customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, filed a lawsuit with the Florida attorney general in late May claiming that her Walmart account was used to purchase $1,000 worth of products in December and January, all while she was on maternity leave.

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