Which consignment store is best for you?

Consignment stores have become increasingly popular in the last few years as consumers have sought more affordable products to fill their homes.

While they offer many different categories of consignment furniture, some are more well known for their wide selection of furniture and accessories than others.

Here are the top three consignment stores in New York City, where you can find everything from vintage furniture to high-end home furnishings.


Consignment Gallery (542 Madison Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Consignment Gallery, formerly known as The Old Republic, is a unique consignment shop with a focus on classic and vintage furniture.

Founded in 2006, the shop’s collection of nearly 100,000 vintage and collectible pieces features some of the most popular items in the New York market.

Consignments range from classic American furniture like the American table and chair to the original and modern designs of furniture.


J. P. Morgan (1380 Broadway, New York, N and E, Manhattan) The New York Times Best Seller J.P. Morgan is a well-known name in the American furniture and decor industry.

The shop’s inventory of furniture includes more than 40,000 pieces and is filled with a wide variety of modern and vintage pieces.


The J.K. Lally House (1 Washington Square Park, New Jersey) Located in the heart of New York’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood, The J K Lally house is the ultimate destination for contemporary furnishings, antiques, and contemporary art.

Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Brooklyn, The Lallyhouse has an extensive collection of more than 1,600 furniture and furniture accessories and has been described as a favorite among New Yorkers.


The John Hancock House (7 West 43rd Street, Manhattan, N) One of the premier art and architecture destinations in the United States, the John Hancock house is one of the largest art galleries in the country.

The house is located in the trendy Midtown neighborhood of Manhattan and offers a wide selection and a unique look at New York.


New York Public Library (15 Madison Avenue, New Orleans, La.)

The largest public library in the world, The New York public library houses the world’s largest collection of antique, contemporary, and collectibles.

With more than 75,000 titles, the collection offers the perfect blend of the contemporary and the classic.


The Vintage Furniture Company (1645 Broadway, Manhattan New York) The Vintage Collection has been around since the 1940s.

The collection is made up of more then 100,00 antique furniture, including the original furniture of the furniture company, The American Furniture Manufacturer.


The Furniture Museum (1036 Broadway, NYC) Built by the famed architect Edward Howard, the Furniture Collection is a collection of some of New’s most unique and iconic pieces.

The furniture is housed in the Museum’s original building and features items from all over the world.


Bricks and Mortar (1312 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) Owned by the family of famous furniture store Bricks & Mortar, the B&M collection is filled to the brim with a variety of furniture, accessories, and home furnishers.

Located at the corner of 7th Avenue and Broadway, B&Ms collection is a popular destination for the casual buyer looking for furniture and home decor.


The Ladd Collection (2nd floor, 711 Broadway, NY, USA) The LADD collection is comprised of furniture from all eras of American history, including Colonial furniture, American homes, and American furniture of all types.

It is a must-visit if you are a New Yorker and want to find a new home or get a taste of modern style.


Mimi & Sons (4th floor, 875 Broadway, N, NY).

Located on the corner at 2nd and 7th Streets, Mimi’s furniture collection is full of unique items and the store is known for its affordable and modern pieces.

In addition to vintage furniture, the store also features modern furniture such as modern art and decorative pieces.

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