Why are sneaker retailers buying up luxury sneaker brands?

Some sneaker stores have taken a cue from luxury brands and have started selling their collections online.

These are called consignment retailers and offer shoppers an opportunity to buy a particular sneaker or a particular pair of shoes.

Some of these shops have even started offering special discounts for fans of a certain brand.

Consignment stores are also starting to expand their reach.

A New York City shop that specializes in sneakers has already expanded into the U.S.

Consignor Paul Wertz has been buying up some luxury brands like Adidas and adidas Originals, including Nike, for a few years.

Wertz is a longtime sneaker collector and the owner of the boutique Sneaker & Co. in New York.

He is a frequent guest at luxury retailers like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, as well as at pop culture events like the Oscars.

In his shop, Werts also carries a few classic sneakers.

Wartz said he recently decided to go full-on fashion.

He bought the shoes of three celebrities and made them into the new line of sneaker shoes.

The new collection features a number of designers like Alexander Wang, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

Some shoes are made of high-quality leather, while others are made with premium leathers.

Wertzes newest sneakers include a pair of black leather sneakers, a pair featuring the signature Nike Air Max I, and a pair with the Nike Air Jordan IV II.

Wetzel is the director of brand development at Sneaker Exchange, an online shoe retailer that is currently selling sneakers at its New York store.

He said the brand’s new collection is a culmination of his own experiences in the business.

Werzel said that many people associate sneaker shopping with the high-end of the market, but he said that he and his team of designers were targeting people who are more casual and casual-oriented.

Werdz said his goal is to bring in the younger market that he said is underserved in terms of sales.

He thinks the new collection will help his brand reach a broader audience.

He also believes that consumers are looking for new experiences and more casual experiences, and he wants to appeal to that.

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