5 items from the consignment collection at the Joys consignments shop

D.C. Joys is one of the few stores in the city that sells the new “consignment” collection of furniture and art, including an early 1940s-era vintage car and a 1950s houseboat, from the early 1900s through the 1980s.

(The shop is closed for renovation this year.)

It’s a collection that includes an early 1930s Ford Crown Victoria with an early 1960s front door, a late 1950s Tandy typewriter, and an early 1970s kitchen cabinet.

It also includes a 1960s Mercedes Benz.

A late 1960s Honda Accord convertible was donated by an employee.

“It was really interesting, just the way it all came together,” said Sarah Jahn, a member of the shop’s staff who came to work with the collection.

“Everything is very original, and everything that’s from the 1920s, early 1930n is really very well-crafted.”

For example, the 1940s houseboats were created using wood from a barn, and the furniture is from a 1960 vintage.

The car was from the 1930s, and it’s a late-1960s Model A. “This is a lot of fun,” Jahn said.

“I just wanted to get to know it.”

The shop’s curators hope that by selling pieces from these different eras, the collection will highlight the diverse history of the city and the changing way people live there.

“There’s so many things that are new, but the way that people move around and how they dress and how the way they interact with each other is really new, too,” said Julie Klimas, an assistant curator who has been at the shop for about a year.

“We’ve all seen a lot in the last year or two, and now we’re just trying to get a little more inside.”

Jahn added that the shop has also started to use new technology to help keep track of its collections, and to keep a more detailed profile of how people shop.

“You could have a list of things that you’ve bought, and you could see how much time you spent doing them, or how much it took to make them, but it wouldn’t tell you how much the person spent,” Jansons said.

Some of the pieces in the collection were donated by customers or the owners of nearby businesses, and some were from former employees.

The collection includes several vintage cars, including a late 1930s Cadillac and a 1940s Chevy pickup truck, as well as early 1940 BMWs and Mercedes Benz cars.

“The cars are the stuff of legends, and I think the owners love them,” Jensons said of the cars.

The owner of the old Tandy is still happy with the car.

“They were a great little machine,” said the Tandy owner, Richard.

“He was always very happy with it.”

Jensson and her colleagues hope the collection helps people think about the changing ways that people live in Washington, D.M. “A lot of people are just living more independently, and that’s kind of where the store is coming from, and we’re trying to be more accessible to people,” she said.

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