Arizona State University auctions rare antique car, gold medallion

AUSTIN, Texas — AUSTIN — Auctions are in full swing at Arizona State for the first time in years.

The university on Wednesday announced the sale of an 1871 Ford automobile, a gold medallions, and an antique car to the highest bidder.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to be able to auction off something that is not very easily available to the public,” said Robert B. Kelleher, director of the ASU College of Fine Arts.

It was a “very special” piece, he added.

Kelleher said the auction was held to honor the life of the car’s owner, Herbert B. Cogswell, who died in December 2018.

Auctioneer David L. Stromberg said he plans to auction the car next week.

In November, a Texas collector was convicted of using the car to collect a $3,500 cash prize after buying it from the auction house.

Arizona State University purchased the car from a woman named Peggy Cogweill in the mid-1920s.

It was in good condition when it was sold.

As the car ages, its condition can deteriorate and become a challenge for buyers, according to the auction catalog.

There are no known photos of the antique car or the 1871 car.

The car is located in a storage facility.

Cogweil died in February 2018.

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