‘Babies’ consignment shop to open in Victoria’s north-east

The family-run baby consign shop is coming to Victoria’s northern outskirts after a deal to open on a site at the centre of a legal battle between two family businesses.

The deal between The Consignables and the Melbourne-based Consignable Owners and Agents has been negotiated between the two businesses, which had been at loggerheads for months.

They agreed to pay a combined $2 million for the land, but a final agreement was still to be finalised, and the shop was due to open by the end of the year.

The consigners are set to open the store in October.

The Melbourne-area retailer’s CEO, Michael Ritchie, said it was a fantastic day for the family business.

“I think this has been a fantastic opportunity for our brand to expand, and to build on its long history and expand into new areas, and I think we’re looking forward to a fantastic year,” Mr Ritchie said.

“We’re really looking forward, really looking to grow, to create new customers, to attract new clients, and of course to help the business grow.”

He said he hoped to open a consignment store in Victoria in the coming years.

“In our store, we will offer consignment items, we’ll have consignment furniture, we’re really excited about the opportunities that we can provide,” Mr, Ritchie added.

The company had been fighting the closure of The Consigne, which was set to close its doors in November.

In November, The Consiglants and the owners of The Coniglans, Robert and Julie Coniglis, applied to the Victorian Supreme Court to have The Consignmenteers shut down.

The court ruled that The Consige had not been entitled to any compensation.

It said the owners could not claim compensation under a law which prohibits companies from closing without giving reasonable notice.

In a statement, Mr Riggles said he was thrilled to see The Consaglants opening a consignable store.

“Consignable retailers, which offer a range of retail products and services to individuals, businesses and organisations, have always provided the community with the best opportunity for shopping, shopping, and shopping in the community,” Mr. Riggs said.

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