How to save on eBay consignment and gift card purchases online

You can save on the cost of online purchases, even if you have to pay shipping.

We all know that if you’re a college student you’re going to have to use a debit card or credit card to make purchases, but a good consignment store or online retailer may be able to offer a discount on your purchases.

Here are five consignment shops that can offer discounts on your online purchases. 

The sites below are the best consignment sites and can be found online, or you can sign up for their newsletter.

The best consignments shops are also located at: Walmart (Walmart offers consignment discounts) Amazon (Amazon has consignment deals, check their FAQs for more information) CVS (CVS has consign consignment deal specials, check with your local pharmacy for details) Bubba Gump Shoe Repair (Bubbles shoe repair is a consignment retailer and will save you on your consignment purchase) Saks Fifth Avenue (Saks offers consigns on a regular basis, check the FAQs)The best online retailers to buy online are listed below: Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Blue Apron Chick-Fil-A Dollar General Dodge (Dodge’s consignment offers are great, check your local Walmart) Kmart Amazon Prime (Amazon offers consigning discounts, check out their FAQ for more details) Microsoft (Amazon Prime is the best way to save money on your shopping.)

The following are some of the best online consignment websites.

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