Which cat is the most expensive?

The cat has the world’s highest average price, according to a new study by the International Cat Center.

A cat worth £8.8 million is worth about $13.5m ($21.3m) according to one estimate.

The median value of a cat was £8,821 in 2012, according the centre.

However, the study found that, as with many things, the true value of the cat depends on a number of factors.

For example, the average cost of a litter box was about £1,300 ($1,800) and it costs around £2,500 ($2,800-$3,500) to keep a cat.

There are also some differences between cats and people.

For example, there is a large range in age between cats, according in the study.

Some cats are about eight years old while others are about five.

There is also a much lower percentage of male cats and females than the rest of the population.

Despite the wide range of cats and the fact that it’s difficult to accurately estimate, the report finds that there is one cat that is a real hit.

A black and white cat named Coco, who was purchased by the cat consign shop Cat Store in Oxford, was the top seller on eBay last year, with an estimated £4,000 ($5,100).

It sold for £1.1 million ($1.8m) in January.

Other popular cat models include a greyhound, which has sold for between £7,500 and £10,000; a white Siberian husky, which sells for between about £5,000 and £6,500; and a golden retriever, which is currently valued at £5.8million ($8.3million).

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