How to shop for new christmas gifts in Santa Fe

In December of this year, Santa Fe, New Mexico, became the first city in the country to implement a statewide holiday gift drive to help bring in holiday supplies. 

Santa Fe Mayor Joe Haldeman and his staff decided to use the local government’s Christmas Eve holiday shopping program to bring in new gifts for families to share with friends and family members. 

“It was a great experience to see all the families that were going to spend the night with their family and to see them sharing their gifts and enjoying their holidays,” said Haldememan.

“I think it’s going to be a big help to our city and hopefully help us continue to grow as a place to live.”

Haldemem is hopeful the holiday season will bring more holiday shoppers and shoppers from out of town to Santa Fe. 

As a small community, Santa Cruz has seen a surge in tourism from all over the world.

Haldemen said that during the holiday shopping season, the city will see a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting the city. 

Haldeman said that he expects the Christmas season to bring more people into Santa Fe for a variety of reasons.

“Our holiday season is going to help Santa Fe to grow because of the tourism we are seeing,” said Mr. Hageneman. 

For more information on Santa Fe’s Christmas Day gift drive, visit

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