When eBay’s $9 million sale of consignment stores could have an impact on online shopping

eBay CEO Mike Johnson said that the sale of eBay consignment and clearance stores could potentially have an effect on online retail.

The company is trying to sell the vast majority of its online business to its brick-and-mortar stores.

Johnson said during a earnings call that the auction of the consignment chain was not an issue.

He also said that eBay would continue to sell all of its consignment business.

Consignment stores, like eBay, are used for both retail and online commerce.

eBay said that consignment sales will account for an estimated 20% of the company’s $14 billion in annual revenue.

However, Johnson said in a statement that eBay’s consignment program is “not currently impacting our business” and that eBay is looking at other ways to monetize consignment online.

eBay also announced that it is closing up to a third of its retail stores.

eBay and its competitors have been struggling to keep pace with Amazon’s rise in online shopping.

Amazon is currently the world’s largest online retail store seller, according to Forbes.

Amazon started selling through its own consignment shop earlier this year.

Amazon has also opened its own online retail stores in the U.K., the U

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