When you’re the star of a consignment store, you need to sell your wares online!

The Cleveland Browns are the latest team to get in on the craze, as owner Jimmy Haslam has announced that he will be selling a pair of “Honeysuckles” — a replica of the iconic Cleveland Browns helmet — on eBay, along with a few other memorabilia items.

The deal, which is expected to net Haslam $200,000 for his efforts, has sparked outrage online.

“The Cleveland Browns have announced a $200k sale of their Honeysuckers replica helmets, and we are shocked and disappointed by the reaction,” wrote a Twitter user on Tuesday.

The “Honesucker” helmet is the first of several unique memorabilia Haslam is going to sell on the auction site, which has been steadily gaining popularity.

Fans are encouraged to bid on the “HONESUCKERS” helmets and other items, and the auctioneer will determine the winning bid.

It is unclear how the deal is going in the auction house, which recently had the highest bid in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season.

The Browns have been one of the NFL’s most successful teams since Haslam took over in 2017, winning two Super Bowls and capturing the division title in each of the last three seasons.

They have won two more Super Bowl titles since then, and have one of their top stars, quarterback Sam Bradford, back in the fold.

The Cleveland sports market has also seen a steady influx of sports memorabilia since Hasham took over, with the number of items being sold on the site soaring to the point where the company recently reported its biggest ever sale.

In 2016, the NFL saw an increase of more than 50 percent in its online auction business.

Since then, the company has seen its online sales jump by more than 1,000 percent.

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