Which consignment is best for a Mumbai wedding?

A Mumbai-based wedding photographer, who prefers to remain anonymous, says the best consignment of the season will be the wedding dress of the groom.

“It’s best if the bride wears a wedding dress in the first week and a half of the wedding,” he said.

“The bride has to wear a lot of accessories during the entire wedding.

The dress will be a great choice for a groom who doesn’t want to wear any accessories.”

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The bride is expected to have a groom and groom’s parents, who can also be the guests.

“If the groom is wearing a white shirt, it’s a bit different,” the photographer said.

The groom should wear a white dress, white shirt and white trousers.

If the bride is wearing an orange wedding dress, it will be more traditional for her to wear white.

The dress is not as important as the accessories.

“Even though the dress is important, the accessories will also be important,” he added.

The bride should wear jewellery such as rings, bracelets and necklaces.

“These items will give the bride a special feel.

The jewellery will also bring a different vibe to the venue,” he pointed out.

“A bride should also wear a wedding bracelet, which will be very symbolic of the occasion.

If she has no wedding ring, it is a big mistake to wear the wedding bracelet,” the wedding photographer said adding, “I also advise the groom to wear shoes with a heel, or shoes with toe pads, in order to have the perfect feel.”

The bride should make sure that she has a beautiful dress.

“She should be wearing a dress that looks beautiful and is not too short.

A wedding dress is the perfect choice for the bride to wear at a reception or other occasions,” he stressed.

The groom should be dressed in a traditional wedding dress.

If he is not wearing a wedding uniform, he should wear some traditional Indian clothes.

“He should wear his hair and a traditional Indian cap, which are part of his traditional identity.

The ceremony is also a very important occasion.

He should wear the traditional Indian dress.

A bride should choose a traditional dress, which is also good for a party,” he explained.

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