Why are consignments disappearing?

Posted February 04, 2018 09:15:56 I used to work at consignment stores.

I had an assistant who was on duty at each of these places.

She was always on duty.

We’d get there, and she’d ask what the items were.

The shopkeepers would have a lot of stuff.

Sometimes it was old furniture, sometimes it was used clothes, sometimes clothes they didn’t use anymore.

She’d ask them what they used them for.

And the clothes would be there.

She would tell us, “I have these old shoes.”

And we’d ask, “How old are they?”

And they’d say, “Well, we don’t know.”

So, she would ask, you know, what they were used for, what was the name of the person who was the shopper, what did they do with it.

She could tell us a lot about a person.

I don’t remember every item.

We had a lot more of it.

Now it’s not like it’s an item that we buy and throw away.

I’m glad that the consignor is still here.

They’re not gone.

I can see why they’ve stopped selling.

I mean, it’s a shame.

There are lots of stores in Canada that do consign.

And, yes, some of them, when you get a lot, they’ll have to shut down.

But some of those stores are thriving, and there are plenty of stores that do not.

That’s the beauty of consignment: there are a lot.

I think the consignment business is not a dying business, it is in the middle of the evolution.

The business is in transition, and I think there are lots more stores opening in Canada.

But, yeah, I would hope that they would keep on selling the stuff that they have.

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