Happy Mothers, Happy Consignment! Claudine Smith’s Consignment Furniture

A collection of items donated by Happy Mothers Happy Consignments.

A collection donated by Claudinesons Consignment.

A selection donated by Moms.

A donation donated by children’s charities.

The consignment is valued at more than $20,000.

ABC News affiliate KFOR in Rochester, New York, obtained the consignment.

Claudinas consignment includes: a small rug; a small carpet; a chair; a book; a sewing machine; a bottle of wine; a handbag; a pair of shoes; a bag of toothpaste; and a book, said Happy Mothers owner and consignment manager, Debbie DeSimone.

Happy Mothers has been selling Christmas items for more than 30 years, DeSimones said.

“It’s something that we’ve been doing for 30 years,” she said.

The items are donated in a number of different ways, including gifts to the local schools, charities and community organizations.

It is unclear how many items are available for sale.

The shop sells on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and other sites.

Claucline’s website also offers several consignment items, including a table and chair, a bookcase and a bed.

She said she is offering her consignment in a variety of colors and styles.

Happy Moms’ Happy Consigning page features pictures of each of the items, and includes a link to donate.

A Facebook page called Happy Mothers is also being updated with more pictures of the consignments items.

HappyMoms has donated items to schools and other organizations in the past, said Julie Farkas, director of the Department of Education and Career Services at the Department for Children and Families.

“We do it as a way to provide a positive learning environment,” she told ABC News.

“I’m very pleased with how it has gone.”

The shop has been a source of joy for Claudin’s mother, Joanna, DeSantiago said.

Clauxon’s mother and sister have been helping with the shop since she was a child.

Joanna Clauxson, of Rochester, donated the rug.

“My mom had a very, very good heart, and she always helped her to get things,” DeSantis said.

Joanne Clauxion was also excited to donate the chair, the table and the bookcase.

“The whole consignment will go into a museum,” she joked.

“She was very generous.”

Joanne, who was also the youngest child of Joanne and Walter Clauxons, said she was thrilled that her mother had chosen to donate it.

“To be able to have that rug, it’s going to be a real treat for her,” Joanne said.

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