How are kids consigning their treasures to the street?

Parents are buying up luxury consignment stores and selling them off, which is causing a boom in consignment shops in Seattle.

The latest to join the rush are the stores that have sprung up in the Seattle area.

The stores are attracting interest from buyers with disposable income.

Some sellers are offering a discount on the item to the buyers.

The trend began to gain steam in Seattle last year.

Seattle-based retailer, KidsConsignmentSelling, launched its website on March 18 and has since attracted hundreds of customers.

In addition to the popular, the store has two other Seattle locations.

Another Seattle-based company, KwikConsignmentSeattle, has also opened stores in the past year.

They also have a parent store, Kids Consignment Seattle, located at the corner of 4th and Market Streets in Seattle, and they also have three retail stores on the Eastside in Bellevue. also has an online consignment catalog.

Consignment sellers are using the consignment sites to find people who are willing to make small purchases and sell them off at bargain prices.

Kills, who runs the Kwik site, said it started collecting consignment items about five years ago.

Kiddos consigned their furniture to the consigners, and she said she’s found a few items that have gone viral.

“We have some amazing people who have consigned our furniture, but there’s still a lot of work to be done,” she said.

“They’re trying to find new ways to sell their stuff to buyers and that’s why we’re all so excited about the trend.”

Kids consignment has become a trend.

“Consignment stores can help kids keep their possessions clean and organized, and Kwik consignment sells items for a low price.

Killing said the kids in her son’s group of friends have been shopping online and are really enjoying it.”

He’s found things that his friends would never think of doing,” she explained.

KidsConsignment Seattle has four Seattle stores.

Its parent company, KidsconsignmentSellsSeattle, is located in the Westside neighborhood of Seattle.

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