How to Buy a $1,000 Old Car in Brooklyn

Buyers can now find a $100,000 vintage car in Brooklyn that has just sold for $1.5 million, thanks to the sale of an antiques consignment.

The sale of the 1894 Ford, built by the same company that built the Lincoln Continental, was announced Wednesday on eBay.

It’s one of a handful of car sales this year in New York City.

The car is in good condition, but has been a subject of speculation because it’s so rare.

The seller of the car, Scott L. Miller, said it was a “vintage classic.”

The buyer, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he’s been looking for the car for the past few years and he figured it was the only car in the city with a serial number that’s not listed in a history book.

The auction house says it sold the car at auction last week in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, which is home to some of the city’s best vintage car shops.

It had been on display for months in a garage in Brooklyn Heights.

Miller said the car was an antique consignment of a 1930 Ford Fairlane coupe that had been purchased by an estate.

It sold for a reported $1 million, which would have made it the highest price paid for a vehicle in Brooklyn.

It was originally listed for $2.5,000 and sold for about $3.5.

It is believed to be the second-highest-priced car ever sold on eBay, following a $3 million sale in April for a 1970 Ford Thunderbird.

The seller told the Post that the car is one of several that were sold in the past week.

The buyer told the paper that he and his girlfriend are going to live in Brooklyn next year and he wanted to take it for a drive when he was out of town.

He said he has no plans to get a job, but will try to find another place to rent.

He hopes to sell it in Brooklyn when it is on the market again.

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