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Online Designer consignment Stores reno (NEW) has launched a new collection of designer jeans, which are made in India and feature a denim weave and selvedge collar.

The collection is a collaboration between Reno’s head designer Rahul Singh and his partner Arun Kumar.

It comes in three colours: blue, white and green.

“I’m very happy to see this collection coming to our fans and customers, because it is very special for us,” Singh said.

“We wanted to create something different from other jeans.

It’s a really different way of wearing jeans.”

Reno is currently selling these jeans for around Rs 2,000-2,500 on the brand’s website.

“Our focus is on quality and comfort, so we decided to keep the denim clean, and make it a special design,” Singh added.

“It’s a perfect match for the new year.

Our jeans are so comfortable and comfortable to wear, but also make your kid happy and relaxed.”

The collection features jeans in two sizes: XS (shown above), S (shown below), M (shown in the picture above) and L (shown at the bottom of the article). 

The jeans come in two colours: blue (blue and white), white (white and green) and green (green and blue). 

They will be available in Reno stores in New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bangalore, and online from January 19, 2019.

The Reno website also has more information about the collection. 

Singh said the brand has a long history of collaborating with fashion designers.

“The brand has been making jeans since 2007.

We have a strong connection with the designers, who are really talented.

We want to bring our style and philosophy to the world,” Singh told Quartz.

“This new collection will really make our fans happy.

They can buy it from us and it will be in the same size.” 

Singhs denim is made in two ways: a cotton-woven, machine-wash denim made in Reo’s own factory in India, and a woven denim fabric made in the US, where he has a factory in New York. 

The denim has a different look from the regular denim, but the denim feels and looks better. 

“The jeans feel comfortable and well-crafted, which is why we feel like we’re making the best jeans in the world.

We’re not making a cheap, disposable, disposable denim.

This is a real style,” Singh explained. 

In a statement, Reno said that the collection is an “inspirational collaboration between the team at Reno and the designers at Reo” and that it is the first collaboration with a clothing brand in India.

“Reno is committed to the vision of being an online designer that is accessible, and accessible to everyone, through collaboration,” the statement added. 

As for the denim, Singh said the denim will be a “good alternative to traditional jeans” in the future. 

This post was updated on January 21, 2019 at 5:21 PM to include a statement from Reo. 

Read more about fashion and fashion brands on Quartz.

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